Effective since 8.2.2021

Online store

These General Terms and Conditions for online retail business (later referred to as ”Terms and Conditions”) apply to e-commerce at &, the seller being Turun Kristalli Ltd (business ID 3129231-7, Verstaskatu 15 20360 Turku, (later ”Seller”) and the buyer being a private consumer (later ”Customer”). 
The Seller sells products to Customers over 18 years of age residing in Finland and EU. Product prices include value added tax. The Seller reserves the right to change prices and delivery charges. The Seller is entitled to update Terms and Conditions without prior notice. For each order, we apply the effective Terms and Conditions in force at the time of ordering, which can be found at the Seller's website at and


The Customer can order products at the online store website at by adding products to the Shopping Cart and paying the contents of the Cart at the Checkout service.
Upon ordering from the online store, the Customer shall accept the Seller's Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy in force at the time.
The Customer's personal data requested upon ordering is used for maintaining the customer relationship, processing the order and clarifying any confusions therein, unless otherwise specified. Their contact information can also be used for direct marketing by the Seller provided that the Customer has given their consent for such use. You can access information on how your personal data is processed by reading the Seller's Privacy Policy at the Seller's website at and



Payments, payment methods and prices/Order Summary

The online store allows the Customer to pay for their order via any Finnish bank’s online payment.
The Customer can also pay their online store order with any of the following cards: Visa, Visa Debit, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Debit Mastercard. The online store uses the international authentication services Visa Secure and MasterCard Identity Check.
Upon placing each order for the first time, the Customer is directed to undergo strong identification.
The Customer can also choose one of the following payment methods: Klarna online or card payment, Klarna invoice, or Klarna instalments.


Upon choosing Klarna online or card payment, the Customer pays the order immediately.
Upon choosing Klarna invoice, the Customer shall receive an invoice from Klarna, with 14 days of interest-free time to pay. Orders paid via invoice shall not incur any additional costs.
Upon choosing Klarna instalments, the Customer can pay the order in part payments via the Klarna instalment payment method. When purchasing via Klarna instalments as payment method, Klarna automatically opens an account for the Customer upon the first order.


When purchasing via Klarna invoice or Klarna instalments as payment method, the Customer shall always present their complete personal identity number. At the time of purchase, Klarna verifies the Customer's creditworthiness, including requesting the Customer's credit report at a credit bureau if necessary.
You can find more detailed information on Klarna's payment services and conditions at: or
All prices include value added tax. The Order Summary specifies all payments related to the product such as postal charges, delivery and packaging.

Order Confirmation and Receipt of Payment

Once an order has been completed successfully, an Order Confirmation and a Receipt of Payment are sent to the Customer's e-mail. Sending the Order Confirmation and Receipt of Payment requires that the Customer has provided a functional e-mail address upon ordering. The Customer shall read through the Order Confirmation to verify that it is in accordance with the order.
The Seller reserves the right not to accept an order. Should the Seller not accept the order, the Seller shall send a notifying message to the Customer's e-mail and refund the Customer any payments related to the order.

Delivery methods and charges

Delivery charges are displayed after choosing the shipping and payment method.

The Customer can choose the following shipping methods:
- home delivery
- delivery to nearest available postal service point
- pickup from the Seller's workshop in Turku

Orders of over EUR 3,000.00 include free delivery up to EUR 100.00. If delivery charges exceed EUR 100.00, the excess sum is added to the Customer's order.

Delivery time

Our usual delivery time within Finland is 2 to 4 weeks, depending on the order and shipping method. More detailed estimates of delivery times are specified for each product option. However, delivery of ordered products always requires that the Seller has received the full amount of the payment for the order.
If a product delivery is delayed, the Seller shall notify the Customer of the delay as soon as possible.
The Seller is not liable for delays caused by force majeure nor for damages caused by such delays.


Right to cancel and product returns


In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act, the Customer has the right to cancel the order within 14 days by latest from receiving the product.
To exercise this right, the Customer shall notify the Seller, in an unambiguous manner, by e-mail or mail ( / Turun Kristalli Ltd, Verstaskatu 15, 20360 Turku) of their decision to cancel the order. In the notice of cancellation, the Customer shall mark the Customer's name, address, date of order, and the ordered product.

After cancelling an order, the Customer is obliged to return the received product to the Seller with no delay and after 14 days by latest from the notice of cancellation. The product shall be returned to the Seller in its original condition, unaltered, undiminished and, if possible, in the original packaging. Should the Customer return the product after commencing its use, the Customer is liable for any reduction in value of the product. The Seller reserves the right to charge the Customer a compensation for the said reduction in value. The Seller is entitled to withhold the aforementioned compensation from any payments refundable to the Customer or to separately charge it from the Customer.

The Customer is liable for any costs incurred due to returning of the product.
Once the Customer has cancelled the order, the Seller shall refund the Customer any previously made payments within 14 days from receiving the notice of cancellation provided that the product has been returned to the Seller in its original condition, unaltered, and undiminished.

For limitations of the right to cancel, provisions in Chapter 6, Article 16 of the Consumer Protection Act shall apply, stating that the right to cancel does not apply to products that are manufactured or altered to meet the Customer's requirements or to clearly suit the Customer's individual needs.

Unredeemed product delivery

An unredeemed delivery does not equal a return or a cancellation. The Seller shall charge the Customer any delivery, packaging or processing costs incurred due to an unredeemed delivery with no separate notice of cancellation made by the Customer. The Seller is entitled to withhold the said costs from any payments refundable to the Customer or to separately charge them from the Customer.

Product defect

The Customer shall notify the Seller of any product defect within a reasonable time from when the Customer became, or should have become, aware of the defect. The Seller recommends making a written complaint.
If the product is defective or damaged, the Customer is entitled – depending on the circumstances – to request the repair of the defect, replacement of the product, price reduction, compensation for damages, or annulment of purchase. The Customer is entitled to request the repair or replacement of the product provided that it can be accomplished without incurring unreasonable costs on the Seller.
Provisions on defects in the sale of consumer goods stated in Chapter 5 of the Consumer Protection Act shall apply for product defects.