Crystal chandelier maintenance

Nordic Crystal services and supplies crystal chandeliers with decades of experience — from old heirlooms to modern designs.

Maintenance of an old crystal chandelier 


A lamp serviced by Nordic Crystal is as good as new and brings sparkles again, as it did in its youth, for years to come. 


The price of servicing an old crystal chandelier is usually starting from a few hundred euros. The exact price is determined on a case-by-case basis, as the amount of work is affected by factors such as the extent of maintenance, the lamp's condition and size, the number of crystals, and other factors. 


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Adding glitz to your old lamp


If you think your crystal chandelier's sparkle is not bright enough, we can replace the crystals with our high-quality crystals, which contain more than 30 % of lead. The electrics of a lamp can also be renewed, lighting fittings can be added, or coloured LED light strips can be added for a little sprucing up. 


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A wall-mounted old crystal chandelier that has been serviced. Nordic Crystal services crystal chandeliers thoroughly.

Make an old lamp like new

Nordic Crystal has been making and servicing crystal chandeliers since 1956. Bring your old heirloom for us to look after, and we'll guarantee you'll get it back as good as new.

A classic chandelier with crystals and candle placements. Tune your crystal chandelier for extra sparkle.

More sparkle to your crystal chandelier

In addition to maintenance, we can add extra shine to your existing crystal chandelier, including brighter crystals and colourful LED light bands. In practice, only your imagination is the limit — ask for more information!

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